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The Dark Art of Life Mastery

You can’t stop life You can’t slow it down You can’t hold on to it. What You can do is... master it.

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Why Do We Collect?

When an eight-year-old Australian boy, Corona De Vries, was bullied by his classmates because of his name, (he was called the coronavirus) he did something unusual... read more

The First Unicorn Was Not Magical

In the 1870s, the United States was largely untapped and full of opportunity. John Pierpoint Morgan, one of... read more

Everything Interesting I Could Find About NFT

It has been a remarkable few months in the blockchain space. From the meteoric rise of bitcoin and ether to... read more

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Most of what you will read about NFTs focuses on how people with too much money are buying worthless things using NFTs... read more

What Is Your Everest?

As much as you want to be the result of your own choices and convictions, you are not, there are billions of years of evolution swimming in your blood. Your brain is trained to find the easy... read more

At the helm

Because you must.

You stand. Unless your ship breaks to little pieces, you stand. Unless the current pulls you into the darkness of the unknown, you stand. Hands tightly gripping the wheel, feet apart, eyes on the next... read more

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The Unleashed Podcast

Engaging conversations with remarkable people, exploring entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity in new emerging spaces. 

Discover and learn from their personal journeys, deep business experiences, and open sharing about how they making ideas happen, their vision of the future, and how the world will be shaped by the work they are doing. 

What I'm working on

I’ve been building startups and products all my life. I help ideas become a reality, people take massive action, and teams achieve remarkable results.



The Dark Art of Making Ideas Happen

Exploring the why and how you can take ideas from their early trembling steps to making them a reality that inspires and impacts millions.


The Quick & Dirty Guide to NFTs

Downloadable Guide & Online Course

I write about entrepreneurship, productivity, blockchain, history, personal experiences, politics, and anything that fascinates me.


Next Decentrum

Blockchain Startup

A blockchain technology and education startup. Raised $450K from Victory Square Technologies, and currently working on a few NFT projects.


Unleashed Ventures

Venture Building

Accelerating innovation through unleashing world-changing startups, high-growth investments, and thriving communities.


The Quick & Dirty Guide to Blockchain

Downloadable Guide & Online Course

Learn blockchain in an afternoon Without spending countless hours deciphering tech jargon.


Canada Unleashed

Connecting Canada's Innovators

Building a stronger interconnection among entrepreneurs and investors to power Canada’s future innovation economy.